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Rock 'n Horror SPOOK CAFÉ
Candy Spooky Theater community
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29th-Sep-2011 07:38 pm - Request
:D :D :D
Hello guys!

Would any of you be kind enough to scan The Candy Spooky Theater's Alice lyrics or type the kanji up?

Much thanks for reading! ♥
2nd-Oct-2010 01:12 am - SPOOKYWONDERLAND out now!
jack spooky → live in nyc
After 3 years, The Candy Spooky Theater's first original full-length album is finally in stores!!!

A VERY limited amount of copies (as of now, 17 out of the original shipment of 20) are now available in the Tainted Reality online store for $30 each, just for overseas TCST fans. It's a VERY good deal so get them before they're gone!


Otherwise, the album is available in the following stores - one of which, GURUGURU in Hokkaido, does offer overseas shipping (though I've never purchased anything from them, so I can't vouch for the quality of their customer service in dealing with people buying from outside Japan):

GURUGURU (Hokkaido)
little HEARTS (Sendai)
Like An Edison (Harajuku, Shinjuku, Nagoya, Osaka)
Jishuban Club (Shinjuku)
ZEAL LINK (Shibuya, Shinjuku, Osaka)
7th-Jun-2010 01:25 am - News!
Great news! The album release date has finally been set!!!

SPOOKYWONDERLAND will be released October 1st 2010!!

I don't know about everyone here, but I'm excited! XD

There will also be a 3 man live at Meguro Rock May Kan on September 18th

...and then...

"The Candy Spooky Theater Presents Spooky Halloween 2 Days Party [TRICK or TREAT]", also at Meguro Rock May, on October 21st & 22nd.

Since it's being released through Trisol again, I'm pretty certain the album will be available in Europe again, which is wonderful ^^
I'm going to try and go to the lives in October, but it might not be possible, so if anyone DOES go, I hope you have a great time! ^^
Hey guys,

I'm in a money crunch and regrettably need to sell some valuables.

I'm selling a copy of The Candy Spooky Theater's "The Bedroom" EP that was autographed by the entire band at their NYC show in 2007. Yes, it includes Zull's autograph!

I'm selling it for $30 and would prefer to sell it at that price given my circumstances, but I can negotiate. The front cover of the case is cracked, but the OBI is there and the CD and booklet are in great condition. (Pics below)

I accept money order, check, concealed cash (at your own risk) and PayPal, in order of preference from greatest to least.

Please comment if you are interested!

4th-Mar-2010 01:19 pm - Alamode Magazine Vol. 6
I'm sure most of you know this by now, but...

An interview with Jack Spooky will be featured in issue 6 of Alamode Magazine. The magazine also features Calmando Qual, SaTaN and the art of Trevor Brown, amongst others. It is now up for pre-order at the Darkest Labyrinth store, which can be found:
velvet pumps
Selling "Pumpkin scream in the dead of night parade", in excellent mint condition, togheter with a special pamphlet with profiles of everyone in the band, including their doll!

to my journal~~
18th-Oct-2009 12:06 pm - Selling two photosets
[Lycaon] - Yuuki un
Hi, I'm selling two photosets from when ZULL was still in the band.

You can see them under the cutCollapse )
5th-Aug-2009 04:50 am - jack's Radio Interview
jack spooky → live in nyc
Okay, so the announcement came in a few days ago now that jack will be doing a radio interview on a program called "Mystery Night Tour" on August 20 (all the details are up on http://www.thecandyspookytheater.com/ in the News section if you haven't already seen it) and I was just wondering if there's anyone in Japan who's planning on tuning in? (Or... showing up at the studio? XD I don't know why else they would post the address of the studio if they weren't anticipating people showing up, although I'd think that would be kind of creepy, lol) It's being broadcast on CS 放送SPACE DiVA (222ch) Super FM Station and there's plenty of information on how to tune in all over Japan.

The past few days I've been tinkering around the studio website (http://www.tokyobaystudio.com/) trying to figure out if they do audio/video streams online of this program but haven't come up with anything much - the "Watch Me! TV" feature looks slightly promising but I think they only stream a few programs, of which Mystery Night Tour probably isn't one of them, lol. If anyone better at Japanese than I am cares to take a look at the site themselves and see what content they stream online, by all means please do... but otherwise I think we overseas fans may be crap out of luck catching this interview XD

So if anyone does tune in, do you think you could give us a basic idea of what jack and the other guy spoke about? I'm just curious since they've been hyping this interview for weeks, lol XDDD
29th-Jul-2009 05:07 pm - Album News!

TCST updated their site with news about releasing a new album!
The official date isn't up yet, but the title is 'Spookywonderland'.
(it's pretty exciting, right?)
26th-May-2009 07:43 pm(no subject)
velvet pumps
I'm selling TCST's first CD, + a photo from the "murder land" era.
Check the cutCollapse )
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